Advisory Board

Behind every successful medical venture, there is a winning team of experts. Helfy’s board of advisors consists of an elite team of doctors and pharmacists with many years of experience in clinical practice.

Our medical advisory board ensures that you will always receive the most professional services according to the highest guidelines, standards, and medical principles existing today.

Hannes-Dietrich Höfer

Medical Advisor Urologist, Germany

Dr Hannes Dietrich Höfer is an experienced specialist in the field of urology. He is part-owner of the “Höfer Urological Practice” and has successfully served patients with his expertise for many years.

With more than 25 years of experience in urology, Dr. Höfer’s is always assuring that helfy’s customers will get the best service when it comes to sensitive medical issues related to men’s health.

Dr. Höfer’s proven record of helping patients for so many years, along with his enthusiasm to use the advantages in telemedicine for the good of others, has made him an integral member of our advisory board.

He has been involved in collaborating with helfy since 2021.

Roland Michael Ruiken, MD

Medical Advisor, Norway.

Dr. Roland Michael Ruiken, MD., is an expert specialist in visceral surgery and general surgery with numerous recognitions in sports medicine. His vast experience as an emergency physician earned him respect among his colleges in Germany, Norway, and Sweden, making him an essential pillar of our team of specialists.

After graduating from his studies in Bavaria, Dr. Ruiken obtained his license to practice medicine back in 1991 and specialized in visceral surgery while also being an expert emergency physician. With more than 31 years of experience in medicine as a practicing physician, helfy’s users can be sure that the service they are getting follows the highest standards available.

Dr. Ruiken was one of the early few who recognized the advantages of today’s newest innovations in the field of telemedicine and was fascinated by it and eager to take an active part in this newly emerging field.

He has been involved in collaborating with helfy since 2021.

Dr. Hasan Igde

Medical Adviser, Urologist, Germany

With more than 23 years of medical practice experience, Dr. Hasan Igde is a specialist in the field of urology and uro-oncology and supports us with his expertise in the field of men’s health. He is also a professional emergency physician and practicing anesthesiologist.

Dr. Igde studied chemistry at the “Free University of Berlin”, but later decided to follow his passion and switched to a medical degree. He had practiced in urology and uro-oncology at various hospitals in Germany for more than 18 years.

He contributes to implementing modern telemedical processes and ensuring our customers receive a highly professional online diagnosis and safe therapy according to their needs.

He has been involved in collaborating with helfy since 2020.

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