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At Helfy, we are shaping the future of healthcare with innovative solutions that redefine the way you access private healthcare and pharmacy services.

360-Degree Healthcare


Explore a diverse array of cutting-edge digital healthcare solutions crafted to elevate your health and wellness with Helfy.

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Online Doctor And Pharmacy Service

Seamlessly connect with esteemed doctors and pharmacies within minutes through our telemedicine marketplace. Powered by Predictive AI, DoktorABC offers medical services for over 30 health conditions, making it your trusted healthcare companion.

Your Path to Empowered Well-Being

Gain valuable medical insights, tools, and tailored tips based on your health data and habits, through our Wellness Hub. Designed to provide practical tools and help you effectively manage chronic health conditions in daily life and embark on a journey to a healthier life.

Your One-Stop Pharmacy Shop

Your one-stop pharmacy shop, Reboost, was created to offer a wide range of complementary products to support and enhance your main treatments. Providing over-the-counter medicine, pharmacy essentials, and daily care products, Reboost is dedicated to assisting you on your path to a healthier life.

Medical Advisory Board

At Helfy, our foundation is built on the expertise and passion of our exceptional healthcare professionals. Meet the individuals who power our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare for all.

Hannes-Dietrich Höfer
Medizinischer Berater, Urologe
Hasan Igde
Medizinischer Berater Urologe
Dr. med. Roland Michael Ruiken
Medizinischer Berater

We keep it Safe

We’ve teamed up with the most trusted organizations in healthcare, and we operate under strict policy and guidelines to assure that you’ll get the best service.

Invest in New Healthcare

Join us on this transformative journey to holistic well-being and a healthier life, shaping the future of digital healthcare and making a positive impact on countless lives.

At Helfy, we’re on a mission to improve the wellness of thousands by providing quick, easy, and accessible healthcare solutions. Our commitment to the highest standards in digital healthcare drives our extensive range of advanced digital solutions tailored to your every need.

With a vision of a 360-degree telemedicine service, empowered by cutting-edge AI technology and your health data, we aim to provide precise diagnoses, suitable treatments, and anticipate potential health challenges.

Helfy in news

Aktuell erlebt das Gesundheitswesen eine revolutionäre Veränderung – und das nicht nur in Nürnberg, sondern in ganz Deutschland.

Eigentlich haben wir im Raum Nürnberg schon jetzt eine gute medizinische Versorgung mit vielen Hausärzten, Fachärzten und Spezialisten.

In der rasanten digitalen Ära, in der wir uns heute befinden, werden wir ständig von Informationen, sozialen Medien und Arbeitsanforderungen überflutet.



Driven by a vision to reshape today’s healthcare landscape, our accomplished leadership board comprises visionary entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals who spearhead the introduction of innovative solutions and set new benchmarks in medical services.



If you want to live a Helfy life and always dream to make a real impact on the future of online healthcare, check out our open positions and join one of our international teams! Helfy’s global offices are located in the UK, Germany, Ukraine and Israel.

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