Telehealth Doctor (France) – Remote Position

Telehealth Doctor (France) – Remote Position

About Helfy

We are a leading telemedicine platform in France, dedicated to providing high-quality teleconsultation services to our patients. Our innovative approach ensures that patients receive the care they need without the necessity of video calls.

About the position

We are seeking a dedicated and qualified doctor with approbation in France to join our telehealth team. As a remote telehealth doctor, you will be responsible for reviewing medical questionnaires filled out by patients and deciding whether to issue prescriptions based on the information provided. Our advanced algorithm filters out 90% of ineligible patients, ensuring you only review cases requiring minimal verification.

  • Review and evaluate patient medical questionnaires.
  • Approve or reject prescription requests based on medical guidelines and patient information.
  • Engage in text-based chats with patients for additional information when necessary.
  • Work across various treatment categories including, but not limited to, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, General Medicine, and Skin Care.
  • Valid medical license and approbation in France.
  • Ability to legally prescribe medication in France.
  • Self-employed status.
  • Strong written communication skills.
  • Reliable internet connection and ability to work remotely from an iPad or iPhone.
  • Submission of your doctor’s registration number upon application.

We welcome qualified candidates of all races, creeds, genders, and sexuality to apply.

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